3 mistakes guaranteed to kill your book cover design

booksMost people can get carried away with their book cover design resulting in dire consequences. Though there is nothing wrong with an author designing his or own book cover if you have some experience but not having enough experience would mean that you make mistakes that cost you big time. Below we look at three very common mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

How long do prospects spend looking at the cover?

Interestingly research shows that the average prospective buyer will spend 8 seconds looking at the front and a good 15 seconds on the back prior to deciding on a purchase. If you’re aiming for an online market place like Amazon you have 25% less time so you need to catch and hold the attention of the prospect right away. On mobile devices your book cover is reduced to around 58 pixels so unless your design looks good at that size its back to the drawing board.

Tip: Reduce the size to 58 pixels and ask people if the design catches their attention in 3 seconds if not then redo it.

Going the route of fast and cheap

There is no way you can have a great book cover done in a couple of days and for a few dollars. Though the so called fast and cheap combo is popular but it almost always yields substandard results. You end up with a cookie cutter look instead of an award winning combination. So, you actually get what you pay for.

Putting your picture on the cover

This really depends on a number of factors. It may be mandatory and essential to selling your book if you were George W. Bush or Ron Paul but not if you’re unknown. Putting your picture on the cover will not make you famous contrary to popular belief. Unless you’re well-known most book buyers will not buy a book with your picture but rather it can have the opposite effect.

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