3 Tips to make your book cover design stand out

indiancoverWe have all seen book covers which have been haphazardly put together by what may seem by a kindergarten teacher. Worst for me are those eye searing colors, and stuff that seems out of place for what the book is all about. That said its best that we restrict this discussion to improving a book cover design that you already have. Since there is always room for improvement let’s get to it right away.

Refrain from cliched images

Never use images that are cliched, over used or are symbolic for the cover unless there is a really good creative twist. You should pick elements that will convey the story of what the book is all about.

Tip: Construct a sort of visual board of all the images that reflects what your book is all about. Then choose 3 out of those and explore potential cover ideas around them.

Send a clear message

Consider your cover design to be like a billboard for the book, it needs to sell by attracting attention immediately because its rather small. So, the cover needs to covey your message right away. Think long and hard about your book, and what the story is all about.

Tip: Try to boil the entire book down to a sentence or may be two. Now that you have the book down to its essence try to find visuals that covey the message.


Stock imagery is easy to find and affordable. Stock imagery can save time and lots of resources. But those images need to be customized or your effort will fall flat on its face especially if there are other books using the same stock. So, if you are unable to process the stock images in the right way hire a professional.

Tip: Look at the stock photos you have chosen to be a part of the cover. Then think of how you can creatively make them better. Try to come up with 3 ways for each stock image.

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