Is a minimalist book cover better than a complex one?

bookThere is no doubt about the fact that things are changing in the way book covers are designed. Some of the top book cover designs today happen to have a more minimalistic look compared to those of yesteryear. So, the latest mantra with book cover designers is that less is more! But is that really true? How little is just too little, where do we draw the line? I’m talking about the famous book cover for Killing the Buddha that won several awards. The big red X is as minimalistic as you can go and people loved it.

The image should sum up the title

Going back to the book cover for Killing the Buddha, I and many others think that the design surmises the title very nicely, plus it helps to attract attention. But you cannot have the same type of cover for — let’s say — an action thriller or a romantic novel. Can a single image really reveal what the book is all about in all instances?

Complex designs

I would say that complex designs are not dead by any measure. But having an unnecessarily complex design will just not sit well with buyers anymore. For instance, the cover of Mockingjay for the Hunger Game series is minimalistic though some may think its complex. Reason why I think it’s minimalistic is because there are no extras, just the bare essentials that fill the cover. This is the new complex when it comes to book cover designs.

Target audience

The colors and design you decide to use have to be in line with the target audience. If you’re targeting people over 40, perhaps a bare minimum cover that conveys what the book is all about — which works best with darker colors. Young adults will want something spicy with bright colors similar to the Mockingjay’s cover. Thoughts?

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