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Hello there!

Are you looking to get more feedback about your cover design? Maybe not just from other people but from a professional book cover designer?

If so, you can get a $15 critique for your cover through email. has partnered up with Adrijus from to let you get some feedback from a professional’s point of view.

What you’ll get:

1. Private, not public, critique on what is and isn’t working on your cover
2. Suggestions on how to improve it
3. Convenience (all done through emails, easy to do and you can ask more questions)
4. Fast response (usually during first 24 hours after order)

Who’s critiquing:

Adrijus from has been designing covers for authors for years and has worked with best selling authors, small Publishers, Publishing professionals and likes helping out. The main goal of these critiques is to provide another way to increase the quality of your book cover.

What to do next:

Just order the critique through this button below (you can pay by Paypal or Credit Card) and leave your book title and author name in comments. You will be contacted soon by Adrijus to acknowledge purchase and receive your critique.

Book title & author name