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In a world made of stories, what happens when the walls start breaking down? Some people lose their keys. Valiben lost his kingdom. He only turned his back for a minute, now the whole archipelago is gone. But the real problem isn't the missing kingdom, it's what's making the Universe break apart at the seams. With the help of a cursed woman, and Maxwell - a large, blue fish - Valiben must explore the depths of the strangest place imaginable: the vast, interlocking Universe of the Storystream. His quest will take Valiben from the first story ever told to the realms beyond death, and into the dark heart of a secret which is tearing the Universe apart. But how can a one-dimensional caricature from a backwater fairy-tale possibly contend with the dark, meta-narrative politics of the Storystream? “A Treatise On Blood And Iron" is an off-beat fantasy filled with monsters, dragons, pheasants, and other unlikely things.

A Treatise On Blood And Iron

By Jamie Brindle

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