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The gang is back! Jessie Delacroix and her ragtag posse of unlikely heroes crack another mystery wide open. But this time the real mystery is not the brutal demise of a guest at the Haunted Inn…which comes in the wake of the arrival of a mysterious bounty hunter of bizarre and paranormal creatures of the night. The real mystery is found in the journey that the clues lead Jessie, Ginny, Anika, and the others to…through the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror and Munich’s first Oktoberfest. Not only do they solve the murder, but they unravel the astonishing secrets and shocking history of the four individuals who came together to become the friendly and powerful shape shifter, Gus, who runs the antique pawnshop in the Inn. Join the team as Jessie, the unfaltering young proprietor of the Haunted Inn and Nirvana Tea Room (and a novice sorceress), follows the trail of clues with her beagle Arthur, her Granny’s ghost, a pair of very nice monsters, a Romanian witch, Moondance the cat (or is he?), and Ginny, her breakfast chef. With her folksy style, wit, and uncanny common sense, Ginny Vandersnoop keeps the fantastic story and the other sleuths grounded as they accompany a mystical couple through time and space to follow clues to the murder, sharing adventures and unlocking secrets along the way.

Jessie Delacroix: Fright Night at the Haunted Inn (Whispering Pines Mystery Series Book 4)

By Constance Barker & A.J. DeBellis

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