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"I don't want to hurt you, so do what I say." Alpha wolf shifter Zeke Claybourne has fallen from grace. Once the heir to his family pack, he now runs errands for the pack members who can actually sire children. Infertile and bitter, a man who lost everything, he forces himself to be a good soldier for his family even though he longs for something more. Something worth fighting for. A fertile omega, Mathias Ekblom grew up oblivious and carefree on his family's vineyard, only to find himself bound and blindfolded and stuffed into the trunk of a car. He's being gifted to a rival pack against his will. Is he part of a peace treaty? A gift to halt aggressions? He has no idea. Zeke has one rule when he runs errands for his family: don't ask questions. He's sent deep into the northern woods to collect a routine delivery. But when fate forces him to open the trunk of his car, revealing the bound and ever so tempting body of Mathias within, he can't help but wonder what's going on. Mathias and Zeke only need hours in one another's company to realize that something greater than themselves has brought them together. One scorching touch is all it takes before they realize they're fated mates. But what good is a mate when Zeke can't father a child of his own? ... Or can he?

The Alpha’s Heir: Captive

By Wolf Specter

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