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maybe a new cover

Tillys Troubles

J.R. McKinlay

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One thought on “Tillys Troubles

  1. So, a few comments.

    First, don’t use fonts like Times New Roman or Arial or any other common font that comes installed on your computer. There are thousands of free fancy fonts that you can download for use on book covers. Here’s one site: (Just make sure that the font is licensed for commercial use. Some of the ones on this site are only for personal use. They’re marked pretty clearly one way or the other.) Looks like your book is something like horror or paranormal: find fonts that reflect the genre.

    Second, you need more spacing between letters: on a book cover, normal spacing looks squished. Your author name certainly does, especially as there isn’t a space between the R. and McKinlay.

    Three. With the white background behind the picture of the girl, you can’t tell where the cover begins or ends, when it’s against a white website background, as it will be on most retailers. Add something colourful behind the girl, preferably not a solid colour. As with the fonts, try and make the background – colours, patterns, all that – reflect the genre.

    Four. “Days” in “Days of the Dead” should be capitalised. And I might do “Tilly’s Troubles” in all caps for variation. Same with your author name.

    Good luck!


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